The Challenge Ropes Course at Camp Pacifica  A ropes course is a challenging outdoor personal development and team building activity which consists of high and low elements. Low elements take place on the ground or only a few feet above the ground. High elements are in utility poles and require a belay and helmet for safety.

The High Ropes Course focuses on personal achievement and asks participants to confront their personal fears and anxieties. Challenges may be physical and/or emotional. The high element program involves the development and mastery of technical skills to manage rope belay systems used to secure climbers as they move through the course. Goals include exploring the fundamentals of trust, craftsmanship, and coaching.

The Low Ropes Course elements or group initiatives are designed to explore group interaction, problem-solving, and leadership. The ropes course enhances: Cooperation, Decision making, Self confidence, Positive Risk Taking, Social cohesion, Trust, Self esteem, Leadership, Goal setting, and Teamwork.