Horseback Riding and Equestrian Care at Camp Pacifica  We are fortunate to have an outstanding staff and horses for the enjoyment of all of our campers.  Beginning riders receive instruction in learning to mount and dismount, use of the reins, proper posture, and other fundamentals. 

The horses have been carefully selected for gentleness and are ideally suited to work with children.  Helmets are provided and required for all riders.

Junior Wrangler is a great introduction to horsemanship for campers who would like to learn about riding and caring for horses.  For the avid horse lover, those young people who can never get enough of everything horse related, we have a junior wrangler program.

The junior wranglers help with much of the behind the scenes duties that make the horse program happen. Everything from mucking out stables and stalls to helping when the Vet or Ferrier is in camp. The kids help wrangle in the herd each morning, saddle, groom, feed, turn out in the evening and anything in between.