Fishing at Camp Pacifica is simply amazing.  Our pond is full of mountain trout just waiting and eager to bite!  You will learn to bate your hook and reel that big one in!  Be careful!  Don't let him get away.  Get your net ready...  Is yours the biggest?   

Learn to cast and care for reel, rod and fishing gear. Sit by the shore and enjoy the summer sun and, if you master the secrets of stillness and silence, cook your catch over an open fire.

We love taking kids fishing. Our "old fisherman" knows the best pond locations and what works to catch the big ones! Our guidelines for safety around water, fishing tackle and shorelines have no equal. Campers experience Pond Fishing, learning how to use the best bate.

Finally, every camper gets a chance to learn with reel and rod fishing tackle while they also craft their own "Huck Finn" style bamboo pole to take home.