Canoeing at Camp Pacifica  Who doesn't like to canoe? Whether a person wants a relaxing day on the water or an exhilarating experience in the outdoors, canoeing has something to offer everyone.  Instruction in the use of canoes is offered to all campers who have passed the required swimming tests. Others are taken for rides by counselors.

Life preservers (PFD) in each canoe are a requirement and all canoeing is within a restricted area and under direct supervision.

A canoe is a great platform for wildlife viewing.  So, it’s good to know how to control the canoe well and quietly, to have a good opportunity to see all the wildlife available.
The following are important skills in a successful canoeing program:
• How to Properly Wear Your PFD
• How to Hold a Canoe Paddle
• Anatomy of a Canoe Stroke
• Forward Stroke
• J-Stroke
• Draw Stroke
• Tandem