Basketball at Camp Pacifica  Everyone knows that guys (and even some girls) can not live a day without a basketball and a hoop. 

Camp Pacifica has the cure for the basketball fanatic...  An outdoor basketball court in the wilderness.  Nothing but solitude, nature and bud's to play some "one on one" or shoot some hoops.

It's free time, so have some fun.  How about a little H-O-R-S-E, Around the World, Knock-Out, Twenty One?

Tennis at Camp Pacifica  Just for fun!  We also have a tennis net on the basketball court.  Perhaps you are thinking that should be "a basketball court on a tennis court?" 

So, if you can't live without a day of practicing that back-hand or service-ace, bring your "old" racket or use one of ours.  We'll provide the tennis balls.