Archery at Camp Pacifica allows kids to gain experience with all the necessary equipment. From long bows for beginners to re-curves for advanced competitors.  Campers have the chance to become the next Robin of Loxely (aka Robin Hood) at our archery range in "Sherwood Forest."

Each member of our archery staff is trained and supervised by our senior archery advisor.  A staff member is always present during summer camp.

The targets are large hay bales with small, daring bulls-eyes. As soon as you master them at one distance, we move back further…and further…and further. The camp archery field has a big net behind all the targets that catches the few random arrows before they go off into the woods.

Archery is an Olympic sport. It is also a terrific solitaire sport – that is, it can be fun just to always be going for personal bests. Campers are trained on a variety of things including proper shooting technique, safety rules of the range, and even how to properly pull an arrow out of a target and walk with it safely.